The Aria of Babyface Cauliflower Brown

Short Documentary - Director, Producer, Editor

"I'm a professional wrestler." These were not the words we expected to hear. My wife and I had agreed to splurge on a ticketed five-course dinner and cocktail special at a restaurant in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina with some close friends. The waiter showed us to a long table with at least twelve place settings. The dining room could have seated forty people but midway through the second course we were still the only four there. After the third course we were slowing down and feeling our drinks. "Right this way, you'll have to do some catching up." A well dressed couple sat down next to us. We introduced ourselves and quickly let them know we were all mostly drunk. "I'm Chase and this is my is my fiancé Sug" pronounced like the first syllable of the word sugar. "What do you do, Chase?" I asked. "I'm a professional wrestler." "Like WWF?" "Yes." We were immediately intrigued. Chase began to elaborate, probably sensing we were interested in hearing more and feeling a little self conscience talking about ourselves to perfectly sober people. "There's more to it than people realize." He continued to explain his ideas on why philosophy (of which he had an undergraduate degree from Winthrope University), storytelling, and wrestling were intrinsically intertwined. His tone made us comfortable with laughing, but was serious and genuine. Our fourth course came, Chase and Sug's first. New conversation topics. The next course. The next round of drinks. We jumped in the cab and our night with Chase and Sug was over. 

But I couldn't get our conversation out of my head. 

A year and a half after that dinner I found Chase on social media. "Would you be interested in being the subject of a film?" He agreed. A few weeks after that we talked for two hours with a microphone between us. A week later, with the help of cinematographer Bernardo Marentes and his crew, we captured a Trans-South Wrestling event at the Union, South Carolina Fair Grounds where Chase "Cauliflower" Brown would defend his title against wrestling legend and South Carolina native Matt Hardy.     

The resulting film is a recreation of my personal experience listening to Chase explain his art at the restaurant that night. It is currently being completed and will be released later in 2017.


Jon Muedder | Executive Producer
Bernardo Marentes | Director of Photography
Emilia Fuentes | Story Consultant
Caleb Farmer | First Assistant Camera
Josh Swope | Second Assistant Camera
Colorist | Ben Joyner
Re-recording Mixer | Gary DeLeone