Lute: Still Slummin'

Short Music Documentary - Director, Editor 


“My album is a accumulation of chapters and events leading up to Dreamville signing me. It’s a window into the last five years of my life…the obstacles, the challenges, the changes. It’s also motivation to not let people or circumstances define who you are. My only competition is the person I was yesterday. I've been patient and very appreciative of this platform and now its time to show what I'm capable of,” - Lute.

Dreamville/Interscope Records recording artist Lute will release his debut project, West 1996 Pt.2 on September 29th 2017 at all digital retailers. The project is the follow up to his first solo mixtape West 1996 Pt.1 which dropped in 2012. His mixtape success caught the ear of J. Cole who later signed the rising rapper to Dreamville Records in 2015.

The first things I noticed listening to Lute's music while preparing for our shoot was his awareness of the dangers of ego. “Lost more friends to bullshit than a bullet”. Instead he celebrated in his lyrics individuality. “The fact that you’ yourself, that’s what make you different.” Not a product of a scene but an example of another path. In some ways you could call Lute a loner for this. An artist protecting his craft from outside influences, staying true to himself and therefor unique. This is no small task in a medium-market place like Charlotte, NC. Adding to the challenge of "making it", as in being able to earn enough money through music to live by, is the birth of his daughter. It's in this conflict, and the joy of being a father, that Lute finds a deeper expression and motivation. “Ain’t got shit to prove, I got shit to do.”  

All of Lute's self preservation and determination can be heard in his music, not just through words but through his tone. Lute has a thoroughly unique voice in a busy crowd, in my opinion. I think of him as an artist with his finger on the pulse. 


Executive Producer: Scott Lazer
Director / Editor: Tim Grant
Cinematographer: Bernardo Marentes & Josh Swope
Assistant Camera: Caleb Daniel Farmer
Colorist: Matt Fezz
Re-recording Mixer: Sasha Michkovsky