J. Cole Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming

Concert Film - Producer, Camera

J. Cole didn't want to play his hometown, Fayetteville, NC, until he could sell out the Crown Coliseum, the biggest venue there. It was more than a challenge to himself. Cole wanted to bring back a message, that you can do anything you want to in life. His 2014 release '2014 Forest Hills Drive' is a love letter to Fayetteville, filled with frustrations, embarrassments, victories, and enlightenments that would lead him to bigger places. We set out to express the sentiments of the album through the stories of people in Fayetteville. These moments would live between our coverage of Cole's live performance from the Crown, offering a present day example of where his art originated from and how it's shared and understood by others. 



Director | Scott Lazer
Producer | Jon Muedder
Produced by | Caravan Cinema Co.
Director of Photography | Bernardo Marentes
Camera | Ben Premeaux
Camera | Scott Jones