A Film by Tim Grant

Featuring Cauliflower Chase Brown
Production Company: Caravan
Directer & Producer: Tim Grant
Executive Producer: Jon Muedder
Director of Photography: Bernardo Marentes 

Press Contact: Tim Grant - tim.alden.grant@gmail.com

Running Time: 4 minute and 50 seconds
Genre: Documentary Short Film
World Premiere: Indie Grits Film Festival
International Premiere: Hot Docs Film Festival


An independent professional wrestler philosophizes on the craft, narrative, and possible meaning found in what some consider a fake sport.

Director Statement:

I watched wrestling when I was a kid. My dad, a naturally dramatic person, loved reenacting his favorite moments of the matches we watched on TV with me in the living room. He’d talk like Dusty Roads the American Dream and pile drive me into the carpet of our living room floor. It wasn’t as violent as that sounds.  Later I learned he and his mom watched wrestling together when he was younger. I continued to watch wrestling through my middle school years. Some of the first images I filmed were of my friends and I wrestling. We‘d create characters, story lines, and special moves. As I got more into films, and filmmaking, I started to drift away from wrestling, and, admittedly, became judgmental towards it. It seemed to me like a thing to grow out of. A make believe sport that once you saw it clearly, was just silly. Incapable of matching the artistic and intellectual worth of film’s like Pi and Memento (two of my favorite films when I first became infatuated with filmmaking).

In 2013 I met Chase Brown and his fiancé Sug at a small dinner party I attended with my wife and some close friends of ours in Charlotte, North Carolina. Chase introduced himself and told us he was a professional wrestler.  He explained why he viewed wrestling as a form of storytelling and art. Chase was describing wrestling in a way I had never heard before. His approach was unexpected, educated, and powerful. I quickly connected to his ideas and realized they were the hopes any artist has for his or her craft. That, perhaps, wrestling could be an affective and cathartic experience for its audience, not just silly fun. I wanted to capture the feeling I had in that moment listening to Chase tell us why he loved wrestling, and why it was worthy of his time and passion. This film is the result.  

Director Bio:

Tim Grant was born in Douglasville, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. Self-taught, Tim has produced and directed films that have premiered at Sundance, screened at dozens of film festivals across North America including SxSW, and sold to HBO and Netflix.

Tim’s documentary work includes television, short and feature films. He’s directed docu-style ads for companies like Airbnb and Gold’s Gym. Tim co-produced 'Finders Keepers', a film he helped complete after production had stalled for three years. 'Finders Keepers' premiered at the 2015 Sundance film festival and gained universal critical acclaim. It would go on to SxSW, Hot Docs, and Traverse City, where it won 'best comedy'. ‘Finders Keepers' is currently playing on Netflix. Tim produced J. Cole’s ‘4 Your Eyez Only’ and 'J. Cole Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming’, both upon completion were acquired by HBO and have been well received by critics and fans alike. His short documentary film ‘The Aria of baby face Cauliflower Brown’ will have it’s international premiere at Hot Docs April 28th 2017. 

Tim currently lives in Los Angeles, California were he develops, produces, and directs documentary feature films, TV shows and docu-style commercials.

Full Credits: 

Directer: Tim Grant
Producer: Jon Muedder
Executive Producer: Kathleen Lingo
Executive Producer: Lindsay Crouse
Executive Producer: Andrew Blackwell
Director of Photography: Bernardo Marentes
Editor: Tim Grant
Editor: Bernardo Marentes
Editor: Emilia Fuentes
Associate Producer: Caleb Farmer
Assistant Camera: Josh Swope
Colorist: Ben Joyner
Re-recording Mixer: Gary DeLeone
Mixed at: Westwind Media
Additional Support / Production Company: Caravan


“Ave Maria, piena di grazia”
Written by Giuseppe Verdi
Performed by Katia Ricciarelli and the
Orchestra Del Teatro Alla Scala, Milano

Featured Wrestlers:

Cauliflower Chase Brown
Matt Hardy
The Black Angel
Peter Kaasa
Kameron Kade
JR Reynolds
Eric Adamz
Deon Johnson

Wrestling Promoter:

Derik Vanderford